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Övriga dikter

the little boy who ate everything

(gluttony. tänkte försöka mig på att skriva en dikt som är en berättelse, blä.)

Once there was a little boy
And his name was John
He was such a sweet child
And he had such a sweet tooth
His mommy never said "No"
He got his candy everyday
Until one day when he was eight
"Oh little John this is no good"
She said as she looked down
"You weigh over 250 pounds"

So they went to the doctor
The doctor said "Why?" and "Aha"
"A diet and exercise is the thing"
"But what, oh what should I do?"
Asked the mother with worry
"Just send him out to play"
"And make him a sallad everyday"
"But remember this, no more candy!"
So the mother said thank you and bye
But little John said nothing

As they came home John was sent out
To play with the neighbours children
But John had never run around before
He could nott keep up with the pace
The children just teased him
"You are so fat! You are so fat!"
"Fatter than an old ladys cat!"
But then as it was time for dinner
John was happy again running, well not
Back into his home to his table

But what awaited him there you think?
Well certainly not what he was exepecting!
He stared in disbelif at the sallad
Was this some kind of a joke?
When were they all going to laugh?
But then his mother said to him
"Oh John, remember what the doctor said?"
"There is to be no more burgers and fries"
"And no more fat pizzas and pies"
"And cetrainly no more candy!"

No good did the screaming and kicking
Crying, begging and threats do
Poor little John was sent to his room
With no more than sallad!
But at night when eveyrone was asleep
Little John was just so hungry
Never ever in his life
Had little John been this hungry!
He lay there listening to the night
Wishing he could eat forever!

Then he got an idéa, and a clever one
Why didn't he just sneak down
Into the kitchen?
With everyone sleeping
Who where to stop him?
So he snuck down and raided the fridge
And then all the cookies!
Yes little John ate
Everything in the kitchen!
But he was still hungry for more

Little John wonderd, he wanted more
Where could he get it?
Ah, why yes, the store!
So little John went out of the house
And into the closest store
And he ate and he ate even more!
Little John ate so much
His stomach couldn't take anymore
It swell so much it burst!
Leaving a gaping hole

Yet he could not stop eating
He raided the whole store!
Then he went home to his house
To his mothers and fathers door
He opend it and the woke up
They screamed like they've never
Screamed so much ever before
And little John ate
He ate everything...
And everyone...

So this is the story
Of a boy who made a wish
That he could eat forever...
And he did.

(205 lb (punds) är ca. 113 kg)
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