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She looks at the photo and said the little world, love.
She thinks at him, what he can do now.
He hasn’t called you in the whole day.
Why? What have you done?

He had seen the scars on your arms and on your legs.
Oh no, your own little secret.
The knife how was your best friend now when you have
leaved all you other friends for him.

Him, the boy you love.
The boy that now laugh at you whit all his friends.
And you only have him and the knife of course.

Your old friends are getting used to you now.
Your friend that you have known in so many
years. The friend that you never would leave,
no madder what. Or what was is?

You grab the knife and cut yourself deep,
deep into you wrist. It bleeds, bleed more then ever.
You start shacking, freezing and feel warm at same time.

It’s ring on the door bell. No, you can’t go to the door.
You are sitting and bleeding and feel so badly.

The door open
- Hello? Some people said.
I’m here; you got forward, I’m in my room.

They rush up the stairs
- Oh, Maria what have you done to you self? Now we shell be here
for you twenty to seven, we promise you baby, we will never leave you again.

Your old friends have now showed you that they are the best in
the whole wide world. They took back you even if you was
a idiot that let them go, just for a boy, a boy that are an as hole.
The boy how just takes you for one single stuff.
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