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They jump in rainpuddles on the other side. They read books on the other side by Mr Death. Books about Life as dead and dying and ghosts. They paint, have artstudios and brushes and canvases. They have coffins with crosses that they put dolls in and bury them in their Backyard. They wear clothes and are filled with flowers. They smoke wrap their dead in candypaper. They stand wishing for candywrappers and sidewalks on the other side. They pray. Therés a carneval in the city and people ride bicycles and motorbikes are rode by skeletons. They chew chewinggum and Watch TV on the other side. They smile. Prayers are often Heard from the Chapel and people pray to the God fantasstica. And leave offerings such as sugarskulls of flowers. brought by the dead boy next door, wrapped in newspapers. Her Cold feet stick out of the carpet they put her in, her killers. Then the reaper comes by and takes her soul. The reapers work twenty four seven to rid the World of the dead. Death works overtime and the other side is full of people. They send eachother blessings and fruitbaskets. She´s there your sister and go to parties and celebrate.
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