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Peyton 45

Peyton stood in the kitchen, washing dishes. Annabell was asleep upstairs and the cat drowsy from too much morningsun, and food, stretched on the floor. Peyton heard Thomas with his short Brown hair whistle on his way down to breakfast and they kissed once and he sat down to eat the breakfast she had made for him. Her hair was done up and her makeup was on, and she had sprayed with perfume-coco chanel no 1. We´re going out tonight she said to Thomas. To the new place downtown. Cool Thomas said, and ate all the breakfast and he got dressed in leatherpants and black makeup. His shirt was AC/DC and his rings were on, skullrings and around his neck-an upside down turned cross. Love you he whispered to her and then left for a bikeride. She heard the bike start and he sped away, leaving her to tend to Annabell, the cat and the dishes. She yawned and did the dishes, played with the cat and went upstairs to Annabell. She woke up from a nap and screamed. she fed her and changed her and took her for a walk. In the forest where faeries and trolls were, since Peyton believed in them. She sang to Annabell, while they walked, she told her about red ridinghood, alice in wonderland and fantasybooks that she was gonna read to her when she grew up. Annabell opened her eyes and it was his eyes, blue as the sky. Peyton gaped. She walked deeper into the woods, butterflies flew around her and a deer looked out round the corner. She pointed at it. Deer. Annabell looked at the animal and smiled.

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Copyright 2015 Jack_White

Published on Sunday, December 20, 2015. Filed under: "Poetry"

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