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He stopped the moped and got off, then looked at Peyton and took her hand. He went to his room with her and they kissed and ended up doing it. Peyton lay there beside him and stared at the wall. His posters of rockbands and ac/dc record covers. She stared at his tattoo as he slept. She felt happy, and fell asleep content for the first time in her life.
Morning came, and he was there beside her, sleeping in. He used to cut classes and was a bad boy with a penchant for motorbikes and not doing homeworks and sneaking into concerts backstage. And drugs and alcohol. Her mother had warned her about Thomas, but Peyton didn´t listen.
She felt sick and went to the bathroom and threw up.

The next day, she threw up again and regretted Thomas and her meeting. Now she was pregnant, she had no idea what to do. Peyton cried and felt she had no one to go to with this. She went to the school nurse and sat down and talked. Thomas went to school in his metal shirt and black pants. His Brown hair was in a pony tail and all the girls swooned. All of them giggled and turned to look at him where he walked, his long leather coat dancing in the air. It was filled with buttons with suicidal tendencies and anarchy and satanism. Peyton he thought. At first he hadn´t liked her, because she was staring. But then he had noticed something in her the other girls didnt have. A mystery. There was something about her. He grinned as he passed her classroom and went to look. She wasn´t there, only the other girls, staring, whispering and the face of the old teacher, Mrs Anderson, who was about eighty. Her angry face and her frown made him close the door and leave.
He looked for Peyton everywhere but didn´t find her until she came out of the nurses office, red and filled with tears. What is it? He asked and stared wondering at her. She looked at him. He smelled of hemp and wine. She looked at him and dried her tears. Nothing she yelled and ran off, while he stood there, stunned.

Peyton came home to her girlsroom and threw down her backpack on her bed. She sat up and tried to focus. Her sister came in to ask what was wrong with her my little ponies and her dark hair and her brown eyes and her shirt with mickey mouse but got go away from Peyton, and she ran off, I´ll tell mom, she cried and ran off towards the kitchen. Peyton lowered her gaze towards her knees and sighed. Her mom and her dad were going to kill her. Her phone rang, it was her only friend, Kate. I heard you ran off from school. What happened? Kates worried voice only made it worse for Peyton who couldn´t keep her tears off anymore. She kept fighting them. They decided to meet in the mall, and they hung up. The mask on the wall stared at Peyton and she tiwsted her mouth, tightened her knuckles and bit her lip to stop herself from screaming.

The mall was packed with people and Kate and Peyton huddled in the crowd, whilst drinking icesoda. have you taken a pregnancy test yet she asked Peyton, and held her hand.
No Peyton whispered, not the ones you buy but a bloodtest and it´s positive and it´s Thomas. Kate sighed and hugged Peyton and they held like two people lost in a storm with no one else to cling to but eachother. What are you going to do? She asked and looked at Peytons face. Suddenly Peyton looked older, and a shadow was across her face. I´ll keep it and my mom will flip. She sent a text to Thomas, with the words meet me at the church. He texted sure, are you allright? She texted back yes I´m fine. Meet me there now. Kate and Peyton parted and Thomas went on his moped to meet Peyton and his fate.
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