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Dikter om sorg

© bye bye '

förlåt för min engelska, jag är inte bäst på det, så ni vet :)

this is the end of my life, i can't do this no more
I have lived in this shit and now I can not breathe more ,
can not see any joy in my life ,
to live here on earth it is just a waste of time .
I feel the tears rolling down the cheeks
and my heart beats harder when my time comes ,
time to disappear, vanish from here ,
time to leave the shit, and I hope you understand .
for a day for me is like a thousand years for you ,
and now I can no longer hide the pain that you see ,
but what makes it, nothing play is anybody's role ,
no one cares, no, no nobody cares ,
all that exists is the lies and deceit ,
wherever you go it will be just more and more ,
but now I have had enough, I do not want to be left
I will disappear from the world, this is my last day .

yes, why should I live when I have not reached life ,
why should I spend so much time ?
Instead, when I can fly up to heaven ,
look down on dad and remember all my memories ,
all memories , as was good ,
but unfortunately I can not more
but feel no sorrow, for it is not your fault
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2 jan 09 - 23:23
(Har blivit läst 137 ggr.)
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