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pretend I forgot you?

What would you do?
What would you think?
Can I ask you this questions?
If not, who can?

Am I not good enought for you?
Or what the fuck do you want for more?
Am I forgotten and you remebered
Cause my love is still on fire for you
How could it be possible?
After so many years,
How can I be forgotten but not forget you
How can I still love you but not be loved by you
Should I continue to walk around and pretend I forgot you?
And say that I am not in love?
Or can it be possible that I am still in love with the first love
Am I in love with you or the perfect relationchip we had?
Am I in love with our glow, friendchip and passion or
Am I in love with you after two years?
You sad I was too perfect and that it was a problem,
Ýou didn't felt as perfect as you thought I was.
True love never change so what the hell with perfection!
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7 dec 08 - 22:17
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