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>>My One Words<<

I will always stand by your side, whatever happens.
It has been a lot between us, but now I really hope that nothing
can break us. Now I understand that be belong together, you really
are my soulmate. We wanted each other, we followed our hearts,
and that's exactly what everyone should do.
My heart is screaming your name all the time, you will always
be there. If our relationship somehow or sometime gonna break up,
your name is cut in my heart forever. The missing would be too big
without you. I know exactly how it feels to be left alone into the dark.
I wish I never will going through that feeling again, and not you ether.
I'll never love someone as much as I love you.
You are my dimond, my light that shines for me and make me smile.
Without you by my side, Life should miss the meaning.
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18 nov 07 - 21:56
(Har blivit läst 197 ggr.)
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