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That your feeling the same way,

Maybe your the one, perhaps there's gonna be you and me
maybe, you and i, us two
your in my dreams and my thoughts every day,
you came into my life and it feels wonderful
not a day goes by without you in my minds

the whole body is warm and my heart is beating,
a long distance, yes it is keeping us apart,
but however i will always be here for you
your perfect and has angel eyes
your everything i've searched for so long

i love you laugh it feels so fucking lovely
your the only guy i want to have in my neighbourhood,
i think it's gonna happend, i think love is coming
bad days are easely nice nights with you

the most comftable moments are when we are alone,
what can i say, there are nobody else like you, just like you
you have catched my mind, everything i ever wished for is standing on front of me,
everything i ever dreamed of, im thinking of you

but what do i know about you?
not much, just wanna tell you
that for you my heart is beating like never before,
can i say that? or am i scaring you away?
I like your personality, to get stuck on you,

i cant close my eyes for the feelings that your giving me,
and as you say, finally i found someone that understands me
completely right,
your pleasent and your lovely charm,
i cant wait untill i have you in my arms

i felt it right now, oh, it burned
if i know myself right then this is what i want
i wanna keep the feeling that i have right now,
after all the shit it's just simply my turn,
to feel the fine, the damn so wonderful,

the first guy, without feeling danger
danger of getting a deep fucking wound,
danger of beeing mad and then just walk,
cause i feel it's reel, it's the truth,
i hope on the best and that your feeling the same way.
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CMG - 8 maj 07 - 03:15- Betyg:
Verkligen läsvärd dikt. Nu kommer jag ihåg hur det var när man var nykär. Men tyvärr " jakten är roligare än fångsten" men det kanske blir nästa dikt.. Näh, men jätte bra dikt, bra beskrivet : )

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8 maj 07 - 02:29
(Har blivit läst 143 ggr.)
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