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"Can´t take it" (Kommentera gärna)

I stood there with my love
I gave youmy nearness.
I stood by your side even the day when you said that you hated me!
But i missed you...
I missed the days when I woke up with you by my side.
But suddenly something happened and my tears start runing.
How could I let something so beautiful go away?
You were the only one who puted my heart on fire,
But you puted out that flame.
Everythings is just going out...
I stood there on my own...
Without any words you went away from me.
I baged for one more chanse but you turned your back on me and went away,
I just wanted to say:
“Thanks for everything I got!”
Give me your hand and let us try one more time,
Try to find the love,
That´s all I want to...
Take this ring and put it on your finger,
Please, i don´t want to be singel!
The whole relashionship turned out to be a game.
That´s what I feel,
It´s my feeling so I know!
I opened up my whole heart for you...
I gave you 100% and I was there for you...
I will always be here for you!
You are one SO beautiful person!
I love you!
I remember the first time we met.
You gave me that beautiful smile!
Do you remeber when we sat together and looked out over the water?
You held my body so tight to yours...
Do you remember that amasing kiss by that big rock?
Honey, I miss you!
Can´t you leave that big city life and come back to me?
The only thing I want to is to be with you!
You have your feelings somewhere inside you.
You just have to search for them...
Becurse I know that you love me and you know that I love you!
And we love eachother becurse we were done for eachother.
You just have to find your feelings and come back to me becurse I love and miss you!
And I know you know that...
You broked my heart for the second time!
This is a whole unavoidable pain...
I´m thinking about you and your tears every day...
I miss you so much!
You are the owner of my heart...
I´m so in love with you.
If you don´t love me then please let me be...
Becurse I don´t want to be hurt by you one more time!
I´m thinking about you every day.
Oh, honey I can´t take it anymore!

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ina_1 - 1 dec 07 - 07:40
denna handlar om kärlek väll....inte vänskap???

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3 jan 07 - 02:05
(Har blivit läst 209 ggr.)
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