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Drugs are Bad

He threw you up on the bed – didn’t care that you hit your head on the headboard. Right now he was just thinking about himself.

You felt his strong hands take a tight grip around your top, and moments later he threw it to the floor in pieces. None of you said a word. You knew not to argue with him. It would only make things worse.

You could feel his hard-on through his black jeans, and you knew exactly what would happen. Everything was just like it used to be. Nothing new – always the same old shit, like a broken record that kept playing the same song over and over again.

He undid his belt and told you to turn around. You did what you were told and received a hard smack over your ass by the belt. The pain was horrific, but you knew not to scream. It would make him angry and you would only end up getting more hurt. So instead you swallowed the lump in your throat and dug your teeth into the flesh of your tongue as he smacked the belt once more hard over your butt.

Tears welled out from your eyes and he knew it, but the only thing he said to you was to shut up.

He was so different from when you two first met. The kind and loving man he used to be was long gone. Instead you were stuck with an abusive, alcoholic and fucked up punk. But you couldn’t leave him. You knew you should, but he was your drug and you were too addicted to him.

He turned you around quickly and pushed you back down on the bed. Two seconds later you were lying completely naked before him. He eyed you and took everything in – like he was searching for something new.

Your face was soaking wet from the tears you’d cried. A couple of months ago he would have pulled you up by the arms and hugged you. He would have whispered soothing words in your ears and carefully whipped away your tears. His arms would have held you tight; so tight that you could have died. Not because of the grip around you, but because of the safeties he showed you.

You felt him entering you hard and fast. It ripped you apart on the inside. He pulled out completely and thrust himself back inside of you. This time it went easier. But not because you were wet, cause you weren’t, but because of the blood that came from your sore pussy.

He started moaning and sped up. You knew he was close to cum, and you silently wished that he would end it sooner.

You looked up at his face. Your eyes met for the first time in two months. Your jaw dropped by the sight…

He was crying.

You bit your lip and looked away. Thoughts raced through your head. You took another look at him – to make sure you weren’t dreaming. But it was true. He was crying.

You felt more tears well up behind your eyes, and you brought your hand up to his cheek. He looked away when you touched him. His eyes were filled with shame and regret.

He tensed up and pulled out of you. His right hand found its way down to his bloody cock and he started pumping it up and down until he came all over your stomach. You lay still and looked up at his closed eyes. You wondered what was going through his head.

He took a quick look at you before getting off the bed and stumble over to the door. You heard him walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. Moments later you heard the sound from a can of beer open up and the TV got turned on.

He hadn’t changed at all.

You turned your back towards the door and got under the covers. Your body was still in pain, but not as much as your heart was. You knew you should leave, but you were afraid. Afraid of the world outside…

You sighed and closed your eyes.

He was your drug – you knew that… but everyone else knew that drugs were bad.
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kirakira - 8 jun 09 - 20:45
Sjukt bra! Verkligen.
vem_orkar_leva - 31 okt 05 - 23:04
Jävligt bra...

du är duktig på att skriva !!!


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31 okt 05 - 20:16
(Har blivit läst 336 ggr.)
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