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Roliga dikter

that clockwork

that love was a real horroshow I tell you, oh my brothers
a cart of eggs splashed on a window on a rocking Saturday evning.
oh oh oh my small brothers,
you saw a knife in mamas chest
did you laugh?

on and of, on and of, on and of
her love for everything small ended with a walschick to her arm,
oh my brothers and sisters to
that walschick slasched her wrist open like
a eye at sight.

oh oh my little sister,
you was there when mama was welsched,
slaugtherd by your onw papa
did your eyes lose their little sigth?
papa slasched, dasched and hasched with you onrealiable body
no one wanted to see the poor youth beenig harsched into hell
no one helped the farly poor baby with a walschick on her arm.
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