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Dikter om vänskap

When all hope is gone,

After dark comes the good and fine. When all hope is gone,
and you feel much more alone just give me a call and I will
be there to wipe away you tears to take away all your
fears. I will be there whit you forever if you want me to
I promise, I will do it for you Just don´t give up,
Someday the pain will stop. But you have to believe,
Have to believe me I would give you my arm,
Just to keep you warm I should give you my soul and my
heart so you never fall apart. I would give up my life
fore you You know, Everything I do, I do it for you.
There will be times when tears just can´t stop to flow.
It come times were the pain just can´t stop to grow.
And it feels that your heart cant take it anymore.
And the dark retire inside you more and more.
There will be times when life seams meaningless and it
feel like you´re breathless I know, life isn´t always easy,
not always fear. Life seams sometimes like a nightmare.
Remember then one thought of me and I´m there.
I´m there when the time seams so rough. And so painful tough.
Always there for you.
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