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Roliga dikter

The critic

I was sitting there singing,
in search of a lost chord,
when out of the green forest
there came a very big troll.

I threw away my guitar
and drew my silvery sword,
as I was very certain
he wasn’t out for a stroll.

“Stop your awful singing”,
he said with a sour voice.
“It’s not very beautiful,
it’s more like a grinding noise!”

As this was a new love song
for the elven princess Shand
I didn’t like his comment
I thought it wasn’t neat

So, I did put back my sword
and took out my magic wand
not wanting to kill this troll
I‘ll give him a lesson sweet

I pointed my wand at him
and said, “Nasih ben gears*”,
and then the troll was running
with me singing in his ears

* Roughly translated from Sibberish: Let the worst happen to this unmusical creature!
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