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Dikter om sorg

an angel broken

it seems im alot in pain but dont let your heart get involved with mine
as i wouldnt be able to stand it if you would be in pain as well my dear .

its my pain and mine alone yet i understand if ppl wanna help,
but then again ill just make em feel more sad and fill their hearts with pain,
yet i wanna be with the ones i love and care about but in the end all that is left is agony and sorrow

damn it why is this happeninig to me why is this my destiny
to be feeling this pain and yet i have nothing to gain except to protect the ones that i care for

my heart has stopped a long time ago ive stoped to feel love
yet my heart wants me to hope that beyond the horizon there is a better life a better tomorrow ,
but untill i can take that step i have to make sure everyone is strong enough to be able to continue without me

i dont know what to dare i dont even want to care all i know is that this pain is to much for me to bare .
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4 maj 05 - 12:22
(Har blivit läst 739 ggr.)
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