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Dikter om vänskap

Metaphor About a Friend

Can't get you out of my mind,
No, you can't hide anywhere,
Even if you try, I will you find,
Jenny, you're already spotted over there!

Don’t run away but please be my friend,
I have found you and let go I’ll never,
Like a concave lens you light bend,
To make me see more, how clever.

Like a dam you protect from flood,
And little by little you water me give,
Never the water would contain mud,
But fresh and clear to make me live.

I have found the purpose of life,
At least from my angle of vision,
Love and care rejects the knife,
And love will continue fission*.

*Fysik: när en kärna splittras till mindre fragmenter.
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oboy_choklad - 17 jul 06 - 04:47
wie, va fint

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14 sep 05 - 02:05
(Har blivit läst 329 ggr.)
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