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Dikter om sorg

With you

I want to fall in love.
I want to fall in love so hard that it takes my breath away.
I want my love to be answered and to become the happiest man on the planet.
I want to make love on the beach as we open our souls and nothing is ever hidden again.
I want to take long, slow walks in the park in autumn as we see the leaves on the trees, which have lost their
green essence of summer, falling towards the ground.
I want to make you pregnant, knowlingly if we have eachother nothing can go wrong, not one thing.
I want to raise our baby in our two bedroom apartment with nothing but a couch and a bed in it.
I want to take our little girl to her football practice and watch her grow, with you.
I want our kid to move out and see how it tears you apart but you staying strong for her and for me.
I want you to lose your hair while I stay by your side all the way as you get sicker and sicker, greyer and
I want you to die as I get more and more like my dad, a fat, cranky old man with nothing on his mind but her,
but you.
I want to die the way my old man died, alone in his apartment sitting on the same old armchair he always sat on.
I want to be found dead in my apartment, discovered by my neighbour who felt the smell of a dead miserable man
who had no reason to live without his other half.
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