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Dikter om barn

The innocent girl

In a world full of darkness
No one listened to the little girl

Her soul was clean and pure
She was cute and the eyes where black
She could make anyone smile of course
And then there is no turning back
Her hair was in the colour honey
She wasn’t rich at all
She didn’t even had money
She was poor but didn’t fall
She was hit and hit
She was just a child
She cried bit for bit
She was calmed not wild
And that child is mistaken
No one loves the poor little girl
She is trying and making
People hit her more and more
The pure child was dying
She didn’t have anyone to help her
No one cared about the poor and they are lying
Soon the world was all a blur

Blind and scared wondering around
Why? Why didn’t you tell me?
No one told her about the dark cloud
Once a boy said; ”They don’t care you see?”
She fought and fought
But everyone turned their eyes away
She just eat what life brought
Because where she was there was no other way
She tried to climb up
But she couldn’t see
She drank dirt we drank 7up
I wished she talked to me
The winter came and she was cold
She couldn’t breathe
She was so young not old
Cant life just realise
Realise the little one
She is just five
She found a gun
From drug dealer high


The girl is gone


She finally moved on


"I’m never coming back again…"
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