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Peace Train

This is for our planet, our home. For all humans and to all animals. To our beautiful nature that surrounds us.
For all that is living, for everything thats playing a part for giving life.

-Are You seeing the picture yet?

-This is a universal message for You my friend! Join the Peace Train.
Send Your light from within, arround our world. Gather in strenght and pay a visit, You have the power.
If we stand together we can save our home. Keep our Peace Train rolling, round and round. Don´t give up Your dream, our dream.

...and You know what I mean.

Faith in life, peace in our hearts and in our souls. Keep on shining!
Please, listen to the Angels that sing. Hear the lyrics that they are giving to us, over and over again. Open up Your mind child!
Sweet Peace Train. Powerful Peace Train.

Together we can make a stop to all suffering, all wars and all pollutions.

Let make this happen, together, You and I, on the Peace Train.
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Absinthia - 27 jan 07 - 20:47
Jag tycker om ditt sätt att skriva(Det vet du;)Och ditt sätt att använda det Engelska språket:)

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16 aug 05 - 06:41
(Har blivit läst 254 ggr.)
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