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Dikter om vänskap

You mean so damn much to me! <3

Think it´s though when you feel bad,
when you´re down and do not want to
talk about it,
becomes so worried then.
Are you feeling bad I feel bad,
if you cry I cry,
and if you smile I smile.
When you are happy
I become happy because you light
up my day!
Is has always been so and so there
will always be.
The thing is that I really care about you,
because you mean so damn much to me.
I wants you to have a good time,
I´m trying to be there for you,
but sometimes it feels as if it is
not enough,
like im not enough to help you,
to help you feel well again.
Wants you to feel well and have it
as good as possible.
I´ll always stand and be there for you
and do my best whatever happens,
just so you know! <3
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