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Dikter om barn

to become a big brother isn't anything bad

I don't think that I ever told you, how special you are and how glad I am to have you as a part of my family. You are uniqe - there's only one of you, and you're one of a kind. And no one can ever take your place in my heart and life. It's only yours - forever.

Sometimes you're so annoying that I want to kill you with my own hands, and I would, if I don't remind myself that you complete me and that I would be nothing without you. And compared to everytime I would kill for you, it doesn't matter at all. Because if it comes to saving you, I would take a bullet. Because if I lost you.. I don't know what to do. I don't even want to think about it. I can't think about it. It would, literally, kill me.

Maybe, a difficult time is coming for you. But I want you to remember that becoming a big brother isn't anything bad. It's something good and you should be happy. Your mom didn't do this to punish you, she did it to give you someone you can hold on to when she's not there anymore. So please, don't blame her. Please, don't be sad or angry. Please, be happy, and gratefull.

Whoever the baby is, a girl or a boy, it won't take your place in our family, lives and hearts. We won't love you less because you're getting a sibling. Lots of things are changing, but your meaning to us won't. And you'll always be your mommy's first and eternal love, and she'll always love you more than you ever can imagine.

Don't worry, little one, everything's gonna be alright. And remember, you'll always have me there. I won't go anywhere.

I love you.

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- 12 jul 11 - 22:02
My name is Mis loveth ,i went through your profile to day and i wish to continue relationship with you if nature will permit we have a long way to go.
to tell you more about myself and including some pictures of myself too. I will like you to get back to me through my private email (lovethowo@yahoo.com)

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5 maj 10 - 01:22
(Har blivit läst 263 ggr.)
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