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Dikter om barn

Why cant she play with the others?

Staring out through the window
All the kids are playing, laughing
They are all so happy, so innocent
When they fall, they get up

I wish I could be a kid again
I miss playing all the time
As a kid, you are so free
But the kids, just wanna grow up

They wanna be adults, and I dont know why
Maybe you get more respect, the older you get
But it's boring, and hard.
You must cook your own food,
wash your own clothes,
clean your room.

A boy, he hurt his leg
He gets a kiss on the cheek.
Another boy, pushes a little girl
Pulls her hair.
The teacher doesnt notice, she screams.
No reaction.

I see myself in the little girl,
her tears just drops to the ground.
I dont know her, but I wanna hold her tight
Stroke her hair, and tell her
Everything's gonna be alright

All the boys, against her
Laughing at her tears, pushes her around
And the teacher, just drinks her coffe.
I feel this rage growing inside of me,
But I still dont do anything.

I try to look away, focus on my teacher.
But I cant, I feel bad for the little girl.
Why doesnt she play with the other girls?
Because the other girls dont like her.
She's diffrent, she's weird.

She's just like me.
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- 12 jul 11 - 23:10
My name is Mis loveth ,i went through your profile to day and i wish to continue relationship with you if nature will permit we have a long way to go.
to tell you more about myself and including some pictures of myself too. I will like you to get back to me through my private email (lovethowo@yahoo.com)
HaHaImDead - 30 dec 09 - 19:06
Tackar :)
Nessie - 17 sep 09 - 10:09
Bra skrivet
Hurtagain - 17 sep 09 - 08:53- Betyg:
Jag gillar den starkt :)

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15 sep 09 - 14:15
(Har blivit läst 325 ggr.)
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