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Roliga dikter

My german girl...

You're the love of my life,
but it cuts like a knife
and I feel that I'm being misled.
I'm a little concerned
for I've recently learned,
of the swastika tattoo on your head….

And it makes you smile,
when you hear "Sieg Heil".
You love the smell of a burning cross in the yard.
You do goose step salutes,
in your Doc Martin boots,
and you quoted "Mein Kampf" in our 5th anniversary card…

You keep extensive files
on the Nuremberg trials,
and you watch them whenever they're airing.
I guess I should've known,
when you bought a new bone,
for your puppies named Goebbels and Goering…

You showed up late
to our very first date.
I said "how are you" you said "white power".
Call me paranoid
but I'm not overjoyed,
when you ask me if I want to shower...

Your every dress
is monogrammed SS,
you hold an Aryan picnic and bash.
And it makes me irritate
when you say I look great
when I wear a little tiny moustache….

Your social politics
say that races don't mix,
and you call it pure blood pollution.
And whenever I'm sad,
you say it's not so bad,
for every problem there's a "Final Solution"...
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li - 17 aug 09 - 15:38
Rimmen är jättebra och jag gillade verkligen att läsa denna dikten, den var underhållande på ett speciellt och kanske lite udda sätt men bra!!!

Skriven av
17 aug 09 - 15:19
(Har blivit läst 390 ggr.)
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