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Roliga dikter

Me ego!? NO!!

Yesterday I was crazy
today I am just lazy

When coming home
to my little dome
I expect my dinner to be served
that is what I think I being deserved

After meal, I want to watch sport
that is something I can do withour your support

Meanwhile you take care of the dish
on that you are real good, ready in a swish

Before putting on the dishing machine
-Will you give me another beer, would you be so keen.

While slaving with the laundry to all
you are trying to recall
how life was before meeting me
when you where young and free

Finally everything for today is done
and yet, it has just begun
you are sleepy and tired
hit the bed and smelling, I have been transpired

Now I will give you the attention you deserve
do not care if you are tensed in every nerve

When I am done, I roll over to sleep
do not care about you anymore, the cheap

Well not really true, my last thoughts tonight
is hitting me as a bright light

Thinking, is this the life I wish
married to a woman, cold as a fish!?

What's in it for me!!??
Tell me, because I can not see.....
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