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Dikter om vänskap

you left me

do you remember all those nights
when the stars still was shining bright
and you told me to never be afraid
because you would never be far away

"just call me, no matter what time it is
I'll be there, and I promise you this
I'll love you as long as the stars will shine
you are an angel of mine"

why did you left me then, alone in the world
without saying bye, without saying a word
you left me and now there's no stars in the sky
just a question in my head, WHY?!

I thought you were my friend
even if I know that every fairytale has an end
but I hoped our friendship would last forever
now I know that I should've known better

when you just could turn around and leave my side
I knew that everything you ever said to me was a lie
yesterday you said that I was a part of your heart
but today you just left me to fall apart
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14 jul 09 - 15:36
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