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Dikter om vänskap

Draco, <3

You look like an angel with your blond hair ,
and your light blue eyes.
But you are not an happy angel ,
i can see it in your beutiful sad face.
I want to be with you ,
and make you feel better.
But i cant.

I know that.

The only way how makes you feel bettre for one second or two ,
is to avoid pester people which have a better life than you.
People who you are envious of.
Your desperate attempt to get attention , as you know that you never could get is sad.

And you dont like Potter.
He is always trying to make himself important.
You want to be like him.
You want to be the boy who gets all attention.

And you dont have any friends.
Potter has a lot of friends.
Crabbe and Goyle is not your real friends , they are just your assistantes.
They would never do anything good to you like a real friend , but i would.
I am your real friend ...

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Kommentarer - (Snittbetyg: 4.7)
turbo001 - 14 aug 09 - 17:03
Draco is my number one now and always <33
Håller med Winterlolita: Never have and evil looked so sexy <33
sandruskapuska - 29 nov 08 - 05:36- Betyg:
bra tkr ja <3
Rosentjej - 8 nov 08 - 15:15- Betyg:
jättefin <3

DiZZa - 3 nov 08 - 17:52
Winterlolita - 7 okt 08 - 20:57
AAAH! IM A DRACOLOVER TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Draco Malfoy: Never has evil looked so sexy
Harrypotterlover - 4 okt 08 - 12:44- Betyg:
Haha :) gullig <3
Skulle ha varit gulligare med några rim :)

miss-you - 30 sep 08 - 19:28
bra dikt

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30 sep 08 - 18:14
(Har blivit läst 305 ggr.)
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