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The worlds keeps spinning on. [hpff] DEL 7 (eng)

I actually made her blush. And I have spoken to her two times only this week! It must be some kind of a record, of talking to a girl who ignores you.
I caught myself smiling and looking after Hailie as she walked away. Her body is extraordinary, it was prefect. She had the curves exactly were they was suppose to be. I almost wanted to walk right up to her and kiss her.
But that was a dream, for now.
I saw Peter and Remus coming through the portrait. I waved to them and they joined me. We started to talk about James and Lily. Soon Remus brought Hailie up. It seemed like even Peter liked her. Because that she had talked to him one lection. Or, she had asked him for a quill.
Remus talked about how nice she seemed, and that she was so good with magic. I had to agree with that, because she was better then the seven graders.
He was even worse than me. I do think about her most of the time, but I do not talk about her every minute of my spare time.
“Sirius?” Remus looked amused to see me confused.
“Oh, I am sorry, I did not listen”, I said excusing.
“I know”, Remus said.
I rolled my eyes and started to listen to the conversation that was still about Hailie.
“Now, what did I miss?” I asked.
“Hailie kissed my cheek left Thursday”, Remus said looking satisfied.
I felt how my face dropped its mask. Remus just looked amused over my reaction.
“Jealous?” he said smirking.
“No”, I lied. “She did just lay on me.”
“Oh, right, I heard that from Colin when I and Peter met him in the corridor. Lily pushed her.” He said triumphing.
“So? I bet that she asked Lily to push her”, I said challenging.
He snorted and I started to get mad. She wasn’t even dating him, so I have the exact same chance to get her. I stood up and walked away to find James. I could feel how Remus looked angrily at my back. But I couldn’t care less.

James was in the dormitory and he read a Quidditch magazine. I ripped the magazine from his hands causing him to look at me.
“HEY!” he yelled. “I was reading that.”
“Correct, you was, now you don’t”, I said.
He looked at me angrily then his face soften up.
“What is it? You lost another chess game to Moony?” he asked.
“No”, I said, “But it is something about Moony.”
James looked interested and sat there just waiting for me to continue. But I thought that James would pop up with question, but he didn’t. And I was quite surprised.
It felt ridiculous to fight over a girl with a best mate. But I was going to have Hailie, if it so was the last thing in my and Remus friendship. She was different, she hadn’t been all over him like the other girl. And that made her different and most interesting.
James sighed and looked at me, I just shook my head and went out.
In the common room were Remus and Peter still and I was pretending that they didn’t even exist and I went out to wonder in the corridor.
On the second floor I saw Carmen from Ravenclaw and I walked over to her. She smiled at me and started to flirt with me.
“Do you want to go somewhere private?” she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.
I kept smiling at her and leaned forward. “Why? We can stay here”, I said and almost as my lips were touching hers I saw someone in the corner of my eye.
It was Hailie, and she wasn’t alone. She was with the Slytherin boy. Derek, I think his name was. She was mad I could tell. She was talking to him with a hushed voice but I could se how she was tense in her body. Her hands were rolled in and she glance at him like he was a superior, like he wasn’t even worth talking to.
“You are such a git, I can’t believe what you did last day! Not only did you fix us into this… place, now you start picking on little girls who cant defend themselves. THE GIRLS HERE ARE NOT LIKE THE GIRLS AT HOME!” she said through close-bitten teeth, but the last part she almost yelled out.
I saw how she was upset now, and Derek put a hand on her shoulder. She quickly brushed is hand of and gave him a death glare. “The girls here are weak, even a dork like you are stronger. I don’t want to find you picking on anybody. Do you hear me? If you do, then you have to deal with me.”
Derek nodded and I saw how I looked afraid. I couldn’t understand why, she was just a girl. He could easily beat her up, right?
She said that the girls here are weak, I didn’t think so. I remember Lily punching hard and the Slytherin girls weren’t so bad hitters either.
Hailie sighed as she looked to the right, there I and Carmen was standing. Hailie looked at my waist, and I looked to down. Then I realized that Carmen’s arms were around my waist.
Hailie looked up with me with a blanc expression, she then smiled faintly and walked away in a hurry.
Before saying bye to Carmen I started to run after Hailie. I don’t know why I did it but I thought she needed a friend. Derek looked confused and angrily after me and I could feel he stare at my back while running to Hailie.
I reached her by the stairs and started to shout to her.
“Hailie, wait!”
She looked over her shoulder and started to walk slower.
“What was that about?” I asked her when I was walking beside her.
She looked at me like I didn’t even exist. “What?” she said innocent.
But I knew better then that.
“You know what I mean! You and Derek little chat”, I said harshly and tried to look assertive.
She began to wander with her eyes and we stopped in the middle of the stairs.
She now looked firmly in to my eyes and her eyes were pleading to me to not bring it up. But I wanted to know. She then sighed and turned around so she totally faced me.
“Derek just picked on a girl with some others boy, and I yelled at him. There is nothing more”, she said nearly whispering.
“I know that, I mean the part when you said that the girls her are weak and even a dork like Derek could hurt them. And I just don’t agree with you. They are pretty strong and …”
“No, they are not”, she interrupted me leaving me looked catch me out of guard.
“What?” I said loud.
“They are weak. They could so easily break apart. They could even break apart just because of a guy!”
“You mean weak mentally?” I asked still surprised.
“Yes, and physically”, she contributed.
“I don’t understand?” I said and I really didn’t understand what she was talking about.
She smiled at him and started to walk again. I hurried to her side again but this time I just walked with her quiet. She would tell me when she wanted, or when she was ready for it. And I would be there to listen, and to ask.
We walked into the common room, and still Remus and Peter was in the cough. They looked up and saw me and Hailie walking in. I started to smirk to Remus but he just looked at me with a death glare.
This was ridiculous. But I wasn’t going to give up on Hailie, and neither was Remus. We knew both very much that this could ruin our friendship, just over a girl.
While I was thinking about it, it just felt stupid. Fight over a stupid girl. A girl will not come between our friendships. Mates before girls, haven’t we had that rule all this year?
Yes, and if Remus want Hailie. Then he will have her. Eventually they are going to breakup, and then I will be there for Hailie. A shoulder to cry on, or simply to lean on.
“Remus, can I talk to you?” I asked him and he nodded slightly.
We walked to the end of the room in a corner.
“Are you now going to tell me how you two shagged in the corridor?” he said sounding disgusted by the thought.
I laughed at him. “No, but I am going tot tell you that I don’t think a girl should come between our friendship.”
Remus looked suspicious at me but I just looked serious so he would trust me.
“Right”, he said finally smiling and we shook hands. “We let her choose the man for her.”
“What?” I said surprised.
“We make Lily ask her who she would rather date. And if she says that it is me, you must back of, or if she says you… well, then I will have to back off. Ok?” Remus said.
I thought about it. And it was a great plan. “Deal” I said once again shaking hands.
Then we went over to Lily and forcing her on the plan. She finally agreed after Remus doing puppy eyes on her. I was quite pride of Remus of how he could make Lily Evans do stuff for him. This was something to remind and use very wisely.
We both saw how Lily disappeared into her dormitory and we both sat down in the fluffy couch now waiting for Lily to tell us who she thought was the best of us to.

också en retare!:D
a year is nine hundred and ninety-eight days”, - Hailie to Lily

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Guldvattnet - 8 jun 08 - 18:57
så jävla bra mer ! :D <3
Evviis - 8 jun 08 - 18:55- Betyg:
Väldigt bra :D
Undra vem hon väljer... Vill att hon ska välja Remus för att det skulle reta Sirius.. men jag vill också att hon ska välja Sirius, för han är ju bäst xD
Du hade några fel med att du skrev i Jag-form och sen plötsligt i tredje person och sen i Jag-form igen..
Längtar tills nästa avsnitt :D
Alexiz93 - 8 jun 08 - 14:50

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