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It was very cold on Christmas eve this year. The stars
where shining bright on the dark night sky. Most people
where sitting inside, eating a very good Christmas dinner
with their friends and family. Maybe they were sitting in
front of an open fireplace and telling Christmas stories
to the children, or they stood perhaps by the piano singing
Christmas carols.
But there was one girl who did none of those things. She
walked down the streets of old London all by herself. She
looked like she could be around maybe thirteen years old.
This girl had lost her parents in an accident that summer
and had been sent to an orphanage where she had been abused
and had no friends.
She now walked down those cold streets that were covered
with snow; it lied like a blanket over London. The girl’s
bare feet were so cold that they had turned blue. She could
feel the blood pulse throe them as she walked throe the
deep, soft snow. The cold wind blew right in to her old,
worn out dress; witch was very thin.
Tears cold like ice ran down her cheeks and she dried them
of with the back of her emaciated hand. She was so cold,
hungry and tired. Her head hurt and so did every other part
of her body, it hurt because of the cold and because she
had walked for so long. She did not dare to stop walking,
if she did she knew that she would fall asleep and never
wake up again.
Now and then her long, dark, entangled hair blew up into
her face.
As she walked on down the streets she looked into many
different windows seeing families together, laughing and
having fun. She did not know why she stopped but she stood
for a moment and just stared into a big window. The soft
light hit her face and she longed for the warmth. Throe
the window she could see a Christmas tree and a mother
sitting in what looked like a very comfortable chair with
her little girl in her arms. There was all sow two older
boys sitting on the floor beneath her feet, in front of
the fireplace. All of them were listening to a good night
storey that the woman told them. The girl outside the
window could not hear what the woman said but she could
hear her mumbling voice and felt calmer of hearing it.
She missed her own mum who used to do the same thing a
couple of years ago.
The girl sank her head and continued walking.
She noticed that she no longer could feel her feet and
suddenly she fell down to the ground, feeling the snow
beneath her hands, it was cold and soft. She struggled
to get up but she had no strength left. The shining stars
lit diamonds in her eyes and she started to cry. She lay
on her back with the tears falling down her cheeks. After
a while they sopped, her mind was empty and she did not
think of anything. She felt lost inside and she had no will
to ever get up again. But suddenly her mind was full of
images of her father. She remembered his laughing eyes and
his taught fullness. His special way of making jokes and
she could almost feel his love when she thought about his
big warm arms. She wanted to have him there by her side.
At last she gathered strength and was able to get up. She
knew that her father had not wanted her to give up. She
walked until she came down to the harbour and there she
stopped. She recognised the place. It was here she had
gone one time with her family. It was summer then and she
had laid on one of the bridges looking down on the small
crabs and fiches. But it looked different in the winter,
it was much more beautiful with all the white snow and the
sea that was covered with ice so far the eye could see.

The snow started to fall as the girl went out on one of
the bridges. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever
seen. She looked towards the horizon and wondered what was
beyond it.
The wind blew in her hair and the cold was like knifes on
her skin. The only thing she could hear was the wind that
blew off the last of the last leaves from the trees and a
church bell ringing on a far away distant. A tear froze
to ice on her cheek and her blue lips were getting very
dry, she felt the cold taking over her body. The beautiful
view made her forget the pain and the hunger. But she got
weaker for every moment that passed and then she fell.
She fell of the bridge and hit hard on the ice. The pain
was indescribable and she could not move. Suddenly the
ice broke under her and she sank into the cold water.
With her last breath she tried to call for help but the
wind swallowed her words and no one heard them. The only
thing you could hear was the wind that blew in the naked
trees and made snow whirls here and there. The church
bell that sounded far away had stopped and left was only
the echo hanging in the air, softly fading away. No one
knew who she had been. No one knew that she had ever been
alive, and no one knew that she had died.
Until the ice melted down no one could find her.
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