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starf*cker. fan fic. (homosexualitet och sex) 12

-; Jussi

She layed on the floor and just moved a little before Bazie ran up there and pushed me away from her, lifted her up and walked away with her with his arm around her waist. I heard her crying just before he took her out on the street.

I was in shock, I really didn’t know why I did that. I loved her so much but she had hurted me so bad.. That girl that gave me Jussia told me that she was unfaithful to me. I mean.. She said that she was sure..

I sat down in the bar.
What if she was wrong? What if I just had hited the love of my life for absolutly no reason?
Damn, I…. I think I hope that the girl is right.. But still, I hope not. Fuck, I just shouldn’t have hit her. I should search her up and say I’m sorry.

I was just about to turn around to the door and find Frida, and then that girl stood infront of me again. I looked angry at her and said “Are you stalking me or something?” She leaned forward and kissed me. I pushed her away violently. “What do you think you are doing?!”
She smiled to me. Then I realised. “You made it up, didn’t you?” She didn’t say anything. Her smile turned into a grin. I looked at her hand. She had wrote something on it. ‘Mrs. Vuori’

I backed and whispered “Fucking fangirl.” Then ran out on the street.
I ran all the way home to Bazie and knocked hard on the door. Bazie opened and looked dissapointed at me. “If she doesn’t wanna talk to me then tell her that I’m deeply sorry, that I didn’t know what the girl lied.” Bazie shook his head. “I don’t think you can talk yourself out of this Jussi.” He closed the door and left me standing outside. Crying.

-; Bazie

I walked back to the livingroom with Frida siting on the couch.
“What did he want?” She said and looked at me with tears in her eyes. I sat down besides her and embraced her. “He said he was deeply sorry.. That he didn’t know that the girl was lying.” She looked shocking at me. “Wasn’t that pretty fucking obvious?!”
I stroked her cheek. “Frida, please calm down..”

She looked down in her knee and blushed a little. “I have to go for a errand, but I called for Jyrki, he’ll be here soon.. Is that OK?” I said and touched her chin lightly to make her look at me.
“Yeah, sure..” She said and smiled faintly.

I kissed her head before standing up and walked to the kitchen to get her a cup of coffee. The doorbell rang and I ran to the door to open. Jyrki smiled to me and jumped into my arms.

I kissed him gently and draged him into the livingroom. Jyrki looked at her with puppy eyes and then tip-toed to the couch and sat down besides her. “Hi Frida..” He said and embraced her. She buried he face in between his neck and shoulder and started to cry again.

“I’ll go now” I said and puted on my coat. “I’ll be back later this evening, you can stay here tonight if you want to.” I looked at her and smiled a little. She nodded and then returned into Jyrki’s arms. “See you later then.” I walked up to Jyrki, kissed him and stroked Frida’s hair, then went out of the apartment.

-; Jyrki

I huged Frida tight and wiped away her tears of her cheek gently. She moved closer and I stroked her back while whispering “You’ll be alright..” and she sobed then and then. Suddenly she moved away from me and walked into the kitchen. She mumbled “I need some alcohol..” So I went out after her. She grabed the Jack Daniels-bottle. “This’ll be good enough.” I looked at her with puppy eyes and said “Are you gonna drink my love?”

She smiled to me and nodded. I looked, almost stared at her. I tried to see her lightblue eyes through her thick fringe. I bended down and looked from below at her.
“What are you doing?” She said and giggled.
“I’m just trying to see your eyes.” I carefully reached out my hand and pulled away her fringe gently with my fingertips. She blushed a little when I looked into her eyed.

“You’re too cute.” I said and backed away one step. She opened the JD bottle and took a sip of it. She puted it down on the table rather violently and sat down on the floor.
“I am not cute.” She looked at the floor. She looked dead. Like a doll. Her sight looked empty. And she was so pale. Her hands where shaking and she breathed rapidly.

“I just cannot understand why Jussi would hit me. I didn’t do anything.” She said and sobed.
She reached out for the bottle again. She couldn’t grab is so I handed it to her. She drank a lot of it and started to cry again. I sat down infront of her and wiped away her tears carefully.
“Honey, don’t cry..” I whispered while stroking her cheek.

She grabed my collar and pulled me too her cautiously and then embraced my shoulders.
I smiled a little for myself and stroked her back. She started to caress my neck and I looked at her questionely. She smirked cutely at me and I kissed her cheek.

She stared bigeyed at me and then moved as a sign that she wanted to stand up. I moved away and she went out in the hall and picked up her phone.

-; Frida

When I sat there in the kitchen, looking at Jyrki.. I just realised that I wanted to talk to Jussi, tell him that he did something wrong, but that I was prepared to forgive him.
The signals when through and I waited for him to answer. My heart beated fast.

“FRIDA?!” Jussi answered almost yelling in the phone. I replied “Yeah baby, it’s me..” with a shaky voice. I heard on his voice that he had been crying a lot.
“Honey, I’m so so so so so sorry for what I did can you ever forgive me? I love you so much, I regret ever hurting you in anyway, if you ever take me back I would never hurt you again!”
“Could you come over here? I want to talk to you.”
“I’ll be there right away baby!”

I didn’t have to wait for long. 5 or 6 minutes later the doorbell rang and I ran to the door and opened. Jussi pushed himself into the apartment and embraced me while sobing loudly.
“God.. Frida, I’m so sorry! I would never ever hurt you again, do you understand that?” He asked and held my face in his face while staring at me with big red eyes.
“I know, baby.” I said calmly not to cry again.
He wraped his arms around my waist and held me tight and I sighed of relief.
“Just… Just talk to me if you think something is wrong…” I whispered and bited my lower lip.
“Ofcourse, I won’t make the same mistake again!” His voice was very decided. I believed him and smiled.
“Give me a kiss.”
He looked a little chocked at my statement but grinned and held my neck carefully while kissing me as gently as he could.

Jyrki stood in the doorway of the kitchen and smiled at us. Still, he felt a little jealousy running down his spine…

kalla mig lat om ni vill men jag orkar inte rätta eventuella stavfel
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tess__ - 16 jan 08 - 20:53- Betyg:
massa bra :D mej gillar denna ^^
Mp3 - 8 jan 08 - 19:47- Betyg:
Riktigt ritkgit bra. Jag gillar verkligen denna novell :) <3 mera snart ? (A) ::)
SUiCiDEPiLLS - 8 jan 08 - 19:12- Betyg:
Jätte bra, som vanligt :'3 Fattar fortfarande att du inte får fler komentarer .__.' Men aif, fortsätt ^^,

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