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Dikter om sorg


the hourglass is letting go
of the phantom dust counting down
hours, minutes, seconds... fading
once it's gone it can't be retrieved
and now i'm sitting here, waiting
waiting in the deepest silence
waiting in awful loneliness
waiting for time to run out
to run away forever
with these emotions of mine
for they're but a burden
hurting me, within my soul
causing my broken heart to ache
over and over, 'til i can't stand it
and now i've had just about enough
so i'm waiting here in silence
for time to come and take away
these awful emotions of mine
the phantom dust is almost gone
i'm waiting to see what will come
when the hourglass is completely drained
will i then be free at last,
from the pain that follows feeling?
or will i still be sitting here
in loneliness, waiting in vain
for what will never come?
i keep staring at the hourglass
watching seconds disappear
minutes, hours, days have passed
but the phantom dust keeps counting down
it's nearly gone, yet there's no end
i will sit here, alone, just waiting
'til the last grain of phantom dust
has vanished from the hourglass
time keeps on going, but i,
i'm still sitting here, waiting
seconds, minutes, hours, days,
months, maybe even years
i've been here for so long
it seems like it's been forever...
but no, it can't be, can it?
the phantom dust keeps counting down
how long before time runs out?
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