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With Love

For Sofie

When i hear your desperate cries, something within me truly dies.
The hill is steep, your pain too deep, all i can do is sit and weep

All i can do is give you words, and hope they make you feel less hurt.
Cause the indifference from your part, tears a hole inside my heart.

Agony is what i feel, when your skin off your arm you peel.
With a razorblade so sharp and shiny, you make the world seem more than grimy
Please hear me when i beg of you, think of what youre about to do.
Please dont leave me here alone, in this world of people with hearts of stone.

Oh the pain within me screams, as youre crushing all my dreams.
Of being with you as your friend and let me all your pain soon mend

You mean so very much to me, I hope the light some day youll see.
If i could help you on the way, i would never let you stray.

I hate this world for making you, feel so lone and sad and blue
I really mean for you id fight, for your life and for your right.
To feel safe, and to feel loved.

I like you so much and you mean the world to me.

With Love
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