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Dikter om vänskap


Why, Why, Why... why?

Why is it like this?
Why can´t I understand?
Why won´t you tell me?
Why do you lock yourself up?

I hate this.
I really do.

I don´t get it..
Why are you people never happy?
Satisfied with what you´ve got?

There´s always something in the way.

God, It´s so frustrating and irritating.
I can´t stand it.
I´m starting to give up on you at times like this.

And I´m not blaming you only, but the ones in your surrounding..
The ones that make you do like this.

It´s seriously pathetic, and making me sick..
I know I might sound very offensive and mean.
But that´s not my intention.

I want you to understand how I feel about this.
I know you´re having a hard time living right now.
Because of someone else.
But please, don´t let it to you.

.... I can´t really express myself clear, but at least I want you to know..
That I care. I really do. And you´re the only one I care for.

So bury the pain and sorrow with all the lies and disappointments..

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25 sep 07 - 18:49
(Har blivit läst 137 ggr.)
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