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Since You Left

Since you left me
I suddenly became stronger
And became what I can be
And it’s all because your gone!

I think to myself
Why did I hide
All my feelings on the shelf
And put me to the side?

I'm realizing now
I'm standing tall
And able to take a bow
Because all I did was fall.

You made me feel horrible
Like I was nothing
Now you’re not my trouble
I know I“m something.

I wasted my time on you
And than I realized
What I had to do
To not listen to lies.

I had to let you go
And even if it took me a while
It was for the best though
Because all the things you said were vile!

You made me sick
And blinded me
To all it became to thick
But now I can see.

I can see I was used
And not physically
I was thrown and abused
And you did that mentally!

You made me hurt
And why did I stay
Your nothing but a jerk
And I’m happy I’m now away.

All we went through
And all the things you said
When you called me your boo
Is now all dead.

Thanks for leaving me
All strung and dry
Because you made me see
I can and will get by!

Since you left me
I became stronger
And became what I could be
And it’s all because you’re gone!
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