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~~Thomas waded out into the lake. He swam, and dived right in. The water surrounded him and there was no other person there. Before they were gonna party in the funeralhome that was their house with their coven, they were going to have a dinner inside the funeralhome and later eat zombie candy and sour candy and popcorn. They loved their coven. Peyton wore Ophelia and other jewellries, Alice in wonderland and dragons. The funeral home was haunted and they were going to spend the night and chat with eachother forever. Kate was going to show up with her baby and husband and they were going to dance to horrormusic and sing. I love this Thomas said and Went home to peyton and the kids. Thomas grinned and dried himself with a towel. He grinned and took the bike and Went to the store to pick up some groceries for dinner and for the party and slumberparty ghost hunting sleepover. He smiled at the cashier girl and paid for the groceries and took the bike and sped away. he arrived home and opened the door and shouted for Peyton. She came running and they hugged and she cooked and they ate dinner and had a great time and they were awaiting their friends and decorated with cobweb and skulls, Halloween decorations. She took her hair and dyed it grey. And wore black makeup over her Eyes. And White powder in her face. Her hands were covered in paint and they watched Virgin Suicides and ate icecream and then they arrived. She opened the door and was met by a horde of bikers and vampires, werewolves and ghosts. They let them in and kate arrived with a metal tshirt and leatherpants. Her husband wore a sex pistols tshirt with the Queen and a vampire necklace. His long blonde hair hung over his shoulders and his big blue Eyes glinted with something faerie-like. He certainly looked elvish. He gave a basket of makeup and skin creme to Peyton and lipglosses and lipstick from peytons favorite makeupbrand Unicorn. They wore capes and crosses in their foreheads. She smiled and they walked into the livingroom
and watched ghostmovies and ate candy and popcorn. They watched the Craft and the Exorcist and Poltergeist. Peyton took them to the room where the ritual murder had taken Place and they had ghosthunting gear and looked for ghosts...,Annabel painted a fantasy painting and wrote poems in a black book and she had a pentagram and a Book of Shadows.
She wrote about a Church Close to Borley rectory and Borley rectory. Thomas looked at a werewolf Movie and a Theatre online of Marie Antoinette...they left for the graveyard and had a ritual and they stayed up all night, chanting, doing magick. Andrew looked at Shanana and read ghoststories. And read LOTR. He had a poster of Salem witch on the wall.
he had a toad in a big aquarium and a rat.
Andy wore a bikervest and boots, just like his father and he went to sleep. Annabell went to bed and peyton fed and changed the twins and the rest of the kids and they all slept together. The dead rose from their graves and walked the grounds and the clock struck twelve and the dead danced in the livingroom until dawn, when they fled.
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