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Peyton 13

Peyton walked down the road to her fate. The church would be in a secluded area, just so they could meet and talk. He came walking, looking devilishly handsome and his Brown hair was cut short. She felt a knot tie in her stommach as she looked at him. He nodded at her and smiled. They hugged and kissed. He lit a cigarette and stood for awhile, and looked at her. She wanted to cry. He blew out some smoke and smiled. So, what is it? He asked and looked, amused, at her. She could see his tattoo underneath his shirt, of a dragon and a skull. He wore a tshirt with a skull in a pentagram, and his eyes were fixed on her even though some girls walked past, smiling at him, even prettier than her. They went into the church, the light was dim, shadows grew and the cross glistened in the moonlight. She sat down in one of the pews and he lent her his jacket. Our meeting, I...got..and she grew quiet. He sat, frowning then a shadow grew over his face and his smile vanished. Pregnant, she finished and looked down at her fingers, slowly tracing his. He held her fingers in his and shocked, blew out some smoke. He sighed and hugged her. What are you gonna do? He asked, holding her. I dont know, she replied, holding him even harder. He was so quiet she thought, so dead still. Her long brown hair lay across her shoulders, and her heart beat with his, all together at the same pace like two giants beating a drum in the haunted forest that Peyton used to bike past in her former hometown. He looked serious, quiet as a mouse. His arms quit holding her and she looked into his eyes, as he smiled. They kissed like they had never kissed before and held hands. They thought of things to say, but nothing seemed to fit the moment they were in. Moonlight flew in from the windows, with holy men and angels and the statue of St this and that, stood staring at them, crying what appeared to be blood. He got his jacket on and got up. I need to go for awhile, go to town and grab a beer. He looked a million years older she thought as she stood up, looking at him. He grabbed her hand. No matter what you choose, I´ll be here for you he promised, but his gaze was miles away. He left, leaving her there, standing in the church, wishing she had never told him at all.

she awoke the next morning to her sisters laughter. She got sick, brushed her teeth and left for school. Her father had just come home from work and was reading the newspaper. If he only knew, she thought. Saying one final bye dad before venturing out the door, she slammed the door in his face as he shouted bye peyton at her. She took the bus as usual, and looked embarrassed at young mothers rushing past with their babies. She blushed and looked down. Her hair was out, hanging over her shoulders, her lips were painted red and she wore eyeliner and mascara. She looked, she thought, like a first class whore. She smiled as the bus sped away, leaving the young mothers behind and the dads and the grannies and grandpas. She looked at the road ahead of her and wondered what would happen if the ride went on like that, forever. She would like that, she thought. At school, nothing had changed, same kids everywhere, the cool kids and the punkrockers and the goths and the geeks, all appearing and reappearing in different shape or forms. They called her the bird, because she was so skinny and frail. Now though, she was gonna grow bigger and bigger and eventually her stommach would look like barnyard door! Holy sh*it she thought to herself and had to fight off a laugh. Her high heels clicked and every boy turned to look at her. She didnt see Thomas but thought he was cutting classes again as usual. She had seen his moped that he had parked along the bicycles and the jacket was thrown over a rock.
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