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Thomas was outside peytons house and she got up at the moped and they sped off, together into the wildnerness and the night. They went to a bar and Peyton had a coke and Thomas a beer. They talked and talked. The night was outside, the rythm and beat of the night was happening outside and people passed by in cars and neonlights glimmered like diamonds . What are we gonna do? I´m pregnant and only 18. Thomas went quiet and looked at the beer, bubbles that flew up to the surface, only to die later. Thomas was sayíng something and whispering to himself. He looked at her and hugged her. We´ll make it work. I´ll get a job and give you and the baby a good income. His scent of beer and something else, maybe a joint; scented vaguely along with a harley davidson perfume for men. He let his hair out and it hung to his shoulders, having grown a bit and his eyes were filled with smoke. I´m 19 and it´s ok that we´re young. But we´ll fix this. They left the bar and started away on the moped. I´ve skipped classes again and got high to rockmusic. It´s not good. He grabbed the winebottle and the tattoo showed on his arm. The room was dark and the curtains danced in the breeze. I haven´t told my mother yet and my dad is going to kill me. I don´t know what to do. Please help. Thomas leaned over and they hugged, huddled in the dark and Peyton felt like crying. The stoneangel stood in the corner and had it´s scarf still on and even paint on the scrotum. There was a dead flower in it´s hand and even a Jim Morrison statue and incense burning. Pictures from a vampire movie were put on the wall along with a porcelaine mask and a burning lantern. His ring was glowing mysteriously and he was smoking, so sexxy that Peyton wanted to scream. He blew out the smoke and looked at her. Books by writers such as Mallarme and Voltaire were on the floor and in the bookshelf and some fishes in the fishtank. His smile haunted her and he blew out smoke again, drank some wine and looked at her with huge blue wise eyes. They kissed and he tasted so sweet of wine and she of jasmine perfume. Her lipgloss was tasting of blackberry and roses. The night went on and morning came and she got sick again and decided to tell her mother after all. She couldnt keep it a secret anymore and couldn´t pretend. She grabbed the phone and faced it.
The next day, they went to the bikeshop and Thomas got a bike for the salary. They drove off, and went to Grand Canyon and stood there for awhile, watching. They looked at the sky and the clouds were sent somewhere to die, she didn´t know why. Freedom was with them and when the baby would be born, Peyton would stand at Grand Canyon with it, lifting it towards the sky.
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