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The sun crept up over the day, and Peyton woke up, and she was 9 months pregnant and around her, thomas arm was, holding her tight. She smiled and whispered hello sleepyhead and he grunted, and went back to sleep. She brushed her teeth and smiled at her reflection. He kissed her and brought her some cake and youghurt and asked how are you? She smiled and said backpain, just wish this baby would come out now. It will soon, just a matter of weeks now. She stretched and the snake slithered and the cat meowed and stroke against her legs. The old yard smiled next to them and the women outside walked silent, chatting and giggling. The grass was cut, and the cows called. They lived in the country and listened every day to rockmusic or newage. There was a triangle with yin and yang next to the bed and the skeleton clock that Thomas had bought called twice. Peyton and Thomas kissed and held. He looked at her stommach and at her, smiling lovingly. The motorcycle outside sparkled and shoned in the morning light. The sun crept up over the landscape and Thomas went for a ride after breakfast with the motorbike. Peyton fed the cat and underneath the house, the mouse was eaten with great pain by a straycat. The ghosts in the old yard woke up from their slumber and laughed again and around them, birds flew and greeted the morning. Peyton went outside and yawned. She looked around. In the barn, the horses must have woken up and she went to tend to them. They ate and she smiled and left. Her mother and her father came for her and visited. They chatted and ate cookies and buns. They later went upstairs for their beds and lay down to rest. Peyton cooked lunch, sausage and french fries and coke. Thomas came back and they ate and talked. Around them, the whole town woke up. People yawned and started for work. Thomas kissed Peyton and left for work. He came back a few hours later, with toys and babystuff. Peytons mother enjoyed the baby clothes and the socks and the toys. They wne to town to visit the antique store to get hold of some cheap babystroller and bed. The man in the shop had beard and sunglasses and tattoos. They bought stuff and left. They walked around town and sat down at a pub and had dinner and Thomas had beer. They smiled and drank and laughed. Happy and full, they left and Peyton bought some chilifries and potatochips. She finished them and they looked at clothes and books. The woman in the bookstore had long curly black hair and brown eyes and a piercing. She sold them a book about childbirth and one about vampires for Thomas and one about poetry, since Peyton wanted to read poetry. They left for home. A few weeks later, they had the baby. It was named Annabelle after Thomas favourite poem Annabelle Lee by Edgar Allan Poe. They were so happy and went home with the kid and it slept and threw up and they changed it and it slept and woke them in the middle of the night. Thomas came back to bed, his hair out and his perfume of Harley Davidson scented so good. They watched some tv and slept. Annabelle woke early in the morning, crying and screaming and they walked with the stroller, talking to the neighbours and being invited home for dinner.
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