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Michael sat down and looked at the moon. He smiled, a White blob
in the sky and an enigma. Then he rose, walked up to it and
howled. he flew out the window and over the city. Where vampires
and even werewolves ruled. He had Heard of them, lycans,
werewolves, their enemies. They slept in the sours, in
apartments, especially that one apartment building called Hell,
where a murder had taken Place. He sank down and took hold of
a Girls neck and bit her blood, just enough so he would survive.
He let her go and left. Now he had to find her. She sat in the
shop, looking at Madame Marie who was passing out tea and
ointments to the gathered few there in the shop. Then she turned
to face her granddaughter. Yes? Kate, what is it?
I´m ready now to hear about my true fate. Why I can´t keep my
breakfast and burn at the sight of Sunlight. I can´t Breathe
with garlic!! You must help me.
It´s happened. Gather everyone and you´ll find out the truth about
your father. He is a vampire, a member of an immortal clan of vampires,
and we´ve kept this from you until it was time. You´re a
dhampir, half vampire. Your father is lost to us now but follow me.
This is the crypt of kelasheer, the original vampire.
She sleeps in here like she´s done for centuries. She´s to be awakened
soon, and meet you. You feed off blood now, and sleep during the day.
It will be your new Life. And this thing I´m feeling, like there´s
someone out there just like me? Yes, he´s out there, waiting for you.
He´s a dhampir like yourself and lives in that old mansion that belonged to the
Lenore family. You Heard of it? Yes, i´ve Heard of it, nanna.
he´s just like you. Michael is his name and he comes from Sweden.
He´s 23 years old and very handsome. Madame Marie smiled and took her hand
and showed her the coffin. You sleep here during the day and when
you start to thirst, you will Wake and feed. He will scent you,
then you will be together forever. Wear this ring. it was the ring
of your father and with this ring, you will be able to see Sunlight
and you will be able to pass as a vampire among the Clans out there.
Watch out for the werewolves. There´s a constant battle between
vampires and lycans and the Clans keep a good Eye out for those
who break the rules. Coffin or the stake. Now go outside and feed.
Kate nodded, shocked. She was this thing, and she couldn´t understand
what had happened. Immortal, everlasting, undead. And now she could
sense him Close, on her tail. She closed her Eyes and listened.
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